Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daddies dream come true

It looks like we might have a little lover of golf on our hands. Daddies dream come true! For all those that know Joseph you know that he LOVES golf. He likes to play it, watch it, and even play golf games on the xbox. I have been waiting until the kids were big enough to get a play golf set and I was so excited to see the perfect size at walmart. Joseph was thrilled and even more cause Ethan can actually hit the ball with the club. He just might be a golfer, or by the way he hits it, possibly a hockey player.

Stay away Bridget these are mine:
Getting a little lesson from Dad:

Now back to the flag:

Wait where is the flag? Fine I will do it myself

Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Diego Fun

Its taken me quite awhile to get things posted so I am doing a bit of catch up. May 1st, Joseph and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. We thought since it was a special one, we would go away. Thanks to my parents for watching the kids and to for having a great deal on a really nice hotel, we were able to jet away for the whole weekend! It was my first time away from the kids since they came home from the hospital. I was happy that they did great.
Friday was out anniversary so we drove down, checked in, and went out to dinner and some dancing. It was so much fun. Saturday, we drove up to the Wild Animal Park. Joseph had never been there and me only when I was younger, so it was really a lot of fun. Since the park was so big there was no way we would have been able to see all the stuff we did if we had the stroller with us.
It was great and relaxing to have some time to ourselves and celebrate such a special time.

Joseph finally being able to hear, lol
My nice close up on the safari tram:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happiness is ....

Happiness is having two cups of milk and a stick of string all to yourself.....

And a little bit of twin kisses