Friday, October 31, 2008

Lombardi Ranch

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Lombardi Ranch. It's a family farm up the road that has a harvest festival every year. I had herd a lot about it but had never been. I had no idea how close it was and how cool it is. They have music, animals, corn maze, hay rides and pumpkins everywhere. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. We bought some great pumpkins and some supper yummy corn. It was a great way to start the Halloween season.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sea World

Last weekend we took off for the weekend to San Diego. My dad had a conference down there and we all decided to follow him and hang out for the weekend. We were able to get passes for one day and get the second day free, so we went to Sea World on Sat and Sun. I was very excited since I had not been since before my brother was born and Joseph and had not been in many years. I had no idea how fun it would really be. It was their Halloween Spooktacular, so their was trick -or-treating, and dressed up characters everywhere. Ethan and Bridget loved all the animals. We went to the Shamu show twice because, one its amazing and two they loved it. Ethan could probably watch it all day. We saw all the shows and all the exhibits, and the kids were into every one. I was amazed and how engrossed they got and how attentive they were to everything. It was a great weekend!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

1st birthday

So, I'm doing a little bit of catch -up, but here is the rest of the Birthday celebrations. That evening we went to Gymboree for playtime and then out to dinner at Red Robin, who we found to be very kid friendly. Later that night, Bridget and Ethan got to open their presents, lots of toys from Mom and Dad! They also got a special present from their secret twin friends. A message board that I belong to for women with twins born Sept/Oct 2007 decided to do a secret birthday exchange. We will get to reveal who we had after the last birthday. I can't wait to see who gave us these great presents!
On Sunday we got together with my family at my parents house to have a little party. We had cake and opened presents. They got toys, a church outfit for each, and new car seats!!! Yay! They also got clothes and a ball popper from their Grandparents in South Carolina. It was a great day and a great Birthday celebration.

Yay, secret twin gifts, my first purse and my first tool bag
also two books
Bridget is very excited to show off her little people

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan

Happy Birthday Ethan!!! Ethan is my monkey boy, also known to his physical therapist as the brute. If he can bang on it he will! If he can knock it over, he will! And if he can fit into his mouth he will! Ethan is so physical, and has so much energy. He is crawling and pulling himself up. His new action is walking while holding onto someones fingers, or pushing and walker toy. He he is not just walking, he is running. He can't stand on his own yet, but when he figures it out, look out. He is also my mama's boy, snuggle bunny. When he wants to be hugged its with all your might. Ethan thinks that everything is hilarious. I'm not sure what he is laughing at all the time but he is laughing hard. My favorite is when he laughs so hard he falls over. He is almost 19 pounds now and getting stronger everyday.

Already he has to be the one to drive :)

Fun at Gymboree!

Happy Birthday Bridget

Happy Birthday, My sweet Bridget!!! Bridget is a girl through and through. She is my technically my first born. She is smaller and has all the hair. Beautiful blonde hair with different color highlights all throughout it. She will soon have six teeth, she is getting the top four in all at once, poor baby. Born at 2 1/2 pounds this little angel has fought her way to the healthy little girl she is now. At almost 17 pounds now, she is still tiny but growing strong. She can crawl, I've seen her do it, but she still prefers the army crawl. She can pull herself to standing and walk along the edges of the furniture. Bridget is a thinker. She thinks about thing for a long time and then goes after them. She loves to play using her hands. She can now clap and wave bye, bye and she loves to take turns with mom passing her toys back and forth. She enjoys music and is always dancing by swaying side to side along with whatever tune is playing.

Bridget at Gymboree
She was so tired by the end of the day
playing with Ethan is a little car at the mall

She is finally getting a clue about the sippy cup but has the watch
Ethan to figure it out sometimes
Taking off at Gymboree