Monday, October 13, 2008

Sea World

Last weekend we took off for the weekend to San Diego. My dad had a conference down there and we all decided to follow him and hang out for the weekend. We were able to get passes for one day and get the second day free, so we went to Sea World on Sat and Sun. I was very excited since I had not been since before my brother was born and Joseph and had not been in many years. I had no idea how fun it would really be. It was their Halloween Spooktacular, so their was trick -or-treating, and dressed up characters everywhere. Ethan and Bridget loved all the animals. We went to the Shamu show twice because, one its amazing and two they loved it. Ethan could probably watch it all day. We saw all the shows and all the exhibits, and the kids were into every one. I was amazed and how engrossed they got and how attentive they were to everything. It was a great weekend!!!


Annie said...

How cool! I'm a fan of all things San Diego, but haven't been to Sea World since I was 5. How fun for all of you...& I love those funny "Poser" flamingos!

Angel said...

Love the picture of Bridget when she is looking at the tank! So cute!

Shauna said...

Looks so fun! I want to go on a vacation now! Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing :)