Friday, January 30, 2009


I do not know this family but tonight I send my heart, love and prayers to them. A friend showed me this site and I have not stopped crying since I started to read it. Please pray for comfort for this family.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Special Prayer

Tonight I will have a special prayer for two men and their families. One, to President Bush, and his family as they make a huge change and leave behind the life that they have built over the last eight years. I cannot imagine being in his position, being in a very thankless job. Well I say Thank you for leading this country and working so hard for all of us. I may not have agreed with every choice that you made, but I have the up most respect for you. You had to make so many choices that I myself am very happy I did not have to make. All I do is take care of a home and my two children and it can be overwhelming, I could not imagine having a country to take care of. Thank you.
The Second to President Elect Obama and his family. I pray that you can have the strength to take on the weight of this country and the courage to do what is needed. I pray that you will still be able to make time for your wife and your two young girls, and that you family may grow closer in the years to come. I realize the huge significance of you presidency and I wish you all the luck, and support, for the world will be watching. The hope of so many is now in your hands and I do not envy the position that you are now in. But I pray for you and say Thank you as well.
I am proud to live in country where all these possibilities are out there. And that these men were able to be chosen by the people to represent us. Again I say thank you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sick babies

The week in between Christmas and New Years, we had two very sick babies. It was so sad. They just lied around and slept most of the time in between being sick. I do sometimes get tired of them being everywhere and getting into everything, but this week all I wanted was for them to be like that because it was so sad to see them not being themselves. Joseph took a few pictures of them, and I think they are so pathetic. I am so happy to have happy healthy babies now. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

I love Christmas! I really enjoyed being a parent at Christmas. Its amazing to see everything from such young eyes and experiencing it all over again. We had a very fun Christmas. Our celebrations started off Christmas eve. We actually don't really do anything on Christmas eve usually, but we went to my parents and had Chinese food and hung out. My mom decided and she wanted the kids to open a present from them, and I am so happy that she did. Bridget ended up getting sick the next day so we were able to get some pics and have some fun present opening before so pooped out. Ethan got a bird that had a string so we could walk around the house pulling it. He used it a little different, but he loves to drag it all around. Bridget got a bouncing Tigger that played music. She wanst quite sure about it, but it cracked us up.

Bridget's face is priceless, its like "What is this thing doing?"
Opening the presents it always the best part. The paper is usually the most amusing thing, right?

Christmas morning started off a little rough. Bridget has gotten sick and threw up a few times first thing. We started the morning with a fun bath! They had a great time playing, splishing and splashing as we played Christmas music and sang songs. Bridget did end up getting two more baths throughout that day, but this was a fun one :)
After baths we headed over to my parents from presents. Bridget stayed mostly like this for the rest of the day. She was very cute and cuddly. since it was crazy and there was lots to go and open we didn't really get much pictures of the morning so I was very happy to have the ones from the night before. We ended up with lots of goodies. I got an Ipod touch and some speakers for it and lots of music. Joseph got golf clubs, a golf, bag and golf shoes (hmm, does he like golf?), Ethan and Bridget got lots of fun toys and books to read.

After the present came dinner! An amazing meal made by my mom. My Aunt Lori and her family all came to enjoy it with us. We all draw names and have a gift exchange after dinner.

Ethan is awesome in his BYU jersey. He also got a little football to go with it. And then the real fun began with all the wrapping paper everywhere.

This a four generation picture of my grandmother, my Dad, me and my kids.
When we were too tired to open our eyes, then it was time to go home and remember all
the fun we had at Christmas.