Monday, January 19, 2009

Special Prayer

Tonight I will have a special prayer for two men and their families. One, to President Bush, and his family as they make a huge change and leave behind the life that they have built over the last eight years. I cannot imagine being in his position, being in a very thankless job. Well I say Thank you for leading this country and working so hard for all of us. I may not have agreed with every choice that you made, but I have the up most respect for you. You had to make so many choices that I myself am very happy I did not have to make. All I do is take care of a home and my two children and it can be overwhelming, I could not imagine having a country to take care of. Thank you.
The Second to President Elect Obama and his family. I pray that you can have the strength to take on the weight of this country and the courage to do what is needed. I pray that you will still be able to make time for your wife and your two young girls, and that you family may grow closer in the years to come. I realize the huge significance of you presidency and I wish you all the luck, and support, for the world will be watching. The hope of so many is now in your hands and I do not envy the position that you are now in. But I pray for you and say Thank you as well.
I am proud to live in country where all these possibilities are out there. And that these men were able to be chosen by the people to represent us. Again I say thank you.

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Melissa said...

Jessica, this is wonderful. I hope that many in our country will say a prayer today like yours.