Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Split, Croatia

Croatia was beautiful.  We visited the city of Split.  We spent some time walking around the town.  There was some fantastic buildings.  It was fun to walk around a an get a taste of the area.  After touring around, we found a great beach.  It was a Sunday so there were so many people, and tons of families.  The water was was knee deep for so far.  So it was a great place for kids and families to play.  Once you got past the shallow area it was deep enough to swim.  After the beach we tried some yummy ice cream to end the day.


Corfu, Greece

Corfu was different than that other Greek islands.  To me it looked more Italian than Greek.  We spent some time touring the old fortress in town.  It was massive and really cool.  We then found a little beach with a pier.  The water was so calm that if felt like we were swimming in a pool.  The pier even had a pool latter to get in and out of the water.  It was so warm and relaxing.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Athens, Greece

It was a dream come true to be in Athens.  I love ancient Greek history and culture.  The Parthenon was something I never thought that I would be able to see in person.  We were lucky because the city was having riots and they had ended the day before so we did not have any problems.  We went and saw all the sights as well as an amazing museum that told all about the Parthenon, it was incredible.


Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos was another amazing island.  We spent some time sight seeing and most of the day laying on the beach and swimming in the beautiful ocean.  It was a perfect day.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini was our first stop in Greece and wow what and entrance.  It was so beautiful!  The town was on on of these huge cliffs.  When we got onto the island there were two ways up to the top, a cable car or donkeys.  We decided it would be fun to ride the donkeys up to the top.  It was a little scary but still cool.  Once we were to the top the views were amazing!  On our quest to find a beach we hit a few snags.  Finally we found with a little help, a beautiful black sand beach.