Monday, January 10, 2011

Toliet Paper Fun

This is what happens when you let a three year old near a costco pack of toliet paper. Fun Times!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making Biscuits

My moms is amazing! She always lets the kids help her in the kitchen. A couple of week ago she brought out these cute aprons and had the kids make biscuits for dinner. It was great. They helped mix, but they really loved to knead to dough. They really put their all into it.

Santa Clarita Marathon - 5k

Last year I did my very first 5k at the Santa Clarita Marathon. It was a goal of mine for a while so I took the plunge and completed it. I was surprised how fun it was. Since then I did another 5k with friends in March. I wanted to see if I was getting better with my time so I decided to do the Santa Clarita 5k for a second time. I was really happy that my Mom and Sister decided to join me! It was a great time and I took a minute off of my time from the previous year.

The kids wanted to run too, so we did a mini race :)

I have some new goals for 2011. I am hoping to complete a half marathon and improve my time once again the 5k.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hawaii - Part 2

I spent most of the trip laying out on the beach or by the pool and soaking in as much relaxation as possible. Joseph went to as many classes as he could get in. On our last day we went together to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We had a great time learning more about the different islands. We ended with a luau and an amazing show. It was such a fun trip and a great time to get away and recharge.

Hawaii - Part one

In October, Joseph and I went to Oahu for Pest World 2010. I could net resist tagging along to Josephs conference when I found out it was in Hawaii. Our hotel was beautiful and is was such a relaxing time. While Joseph was in classes all day I took part in the souse program that they had. On one day we went to the Kualoa Ranch. It was so much fun. First I went horse back ridding and then took a jungle expedition. Really fun experience!

Our Hotel: