Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Friends!

Ethan and Bridget have recently discovered each other and love to buy one another. Actually it is really Bridget who has discovered Ethan and she is in love. She loves to be next to him on the floor and she is so animated when he is around. Bridget is normally quiet and more still than him but when she is on the floor with him she watches him and copies everything that he does. If Ethan waves his arms and kicks Bridget does the same. It is so fun to watch this obvious change in her when her brother is around. Ethan is always smiley and must be busy all the time. The other morning early they were both playing on the floor and so happy and having fun with one another, it was the perfect time for the camera!

Christmas Pics!

So I had these really cute Santa hats and Christmas bibs and I really wanted to take some cute pics of the babies for their first Christmas. As you can see it went terrible. Either someone was spitting up or screaming. Not just crying but screaming like I was torturing them by making them wear this hat. Needless to say i did not get what I was looking for for but I do have these lovely examples for people of life with twins. Its the best but very loud at times :)


On Dec 30, 2007 we had the privilege of blessing Bridget and Ethan in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was such a beautiful day for our family. We chose this day because Josephs family was in town and we really wanted them to be there and to take part in the blessing. Joseph gave the babies a name and beautiful blessings. I am so grateful to have a husband who is a strong member of the church and a priesthood holder and that he was able to perform this special ordinance for our children. I was go grateful for all of those that were able to participate. I am also so grateful to have both of their grandfathers there and that they were able to participate as well. Others were their uncle Wes, my uncle Ernie and my cousin Tony and our friend Tom. My cousin Kelly made it there a little late due to our wrong directions but we wee happy to have them come far to be with us. We had so much family to share this special time with us.

There blessing outfits were such a struggle at first. They babies were so little and it was hard to find a blessing dress and an outfit for Ethan that wasn't funny looking. I finally decided since it was Christmas not to have Ethan in white but to but him in a Christmas outfit or black pants, white shirt and a red vest and he was so handsome. I still wanted Bridget to wear white because i wanted her to have her three white dresses in her life and this was the first. My mother then came up with a brilliant idea. When I was a little girl my Aunt Sheryl made me this beautiful porcelain doll and hand made the clothes for her. It was a beautiful white dress and bonnet with pink roses. We tried the dress on Bridget and it fit! We changed the roses to red and added a red ribbon in front to match Ethan and we had the perfect blessing dress with the perfect story. It was 28 years old and we put it back on the doll after and now when she gets older she can have the doll who is wearing her blessing gown! I love it!