Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Friends!

Ethan and Bridget have recently discovered each other and love to buy one another. Actually it is really Bridget who has discovered Ethan and she is in love. She loves to be next to him on the floor and she is so animated when he is around. Bridget is normally quiet and more still than him but when she is on the floor with him she watches him and copies everything that he does. If Ethan waves his arms and kicks Bridget does the same. It is so fun to watch this obvious change in her when her brother is around. Ethan is always smiley and must be busy all the time. The other morning early they were both playing on the floor and so happy and having fun with one another, it was the perfect time for the camera!


Angel said...

They are so adorable Jessica! How wonderful it will be to watch them grow up together, learn to be best friends, and to have that special bond!

Lindsay said...

YEAH!! I was so excited to see that you ahve a blog!! I'm embarassed to say- but I have a baby gift for you (2 actually ;)) I NEED to get up there to visit a few people and drop off your gift before your babies are in college!! They are absolutely darling!!!