Monday, December 22, 2008

An Official Toddler

Ethan is now an official toddler! When we were in South Carolina, Ethan took two steps. He cried while doing it, and did not want to try again. On Friday the 12th, He was standing at the end of the coffee table, let go and took six steps toward me. It was so exciting. Since then he has taken a few steps here and there. Then this weekend he really took off. I can't believe it but he is walking all over the place, ans he is so excited about it. He has a look of pure joy and he is laughing while walking as fast as he can. All he needs to do is figure out how to get from sitting to standing without help and he will be walking full time. I am so proud of my boy and am overjoyed to see him so proud of himself and what he has learned to do.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This year we got to have two Thanksgivings, sort of. As my previous post mentioned we went to South Carolina to visit Josephs family. We had a wonderful trip and were happy to see everyone, until Thanksgiving. Unfortunately before we even got to eat, my mother-in-law Margaret, fell and compound fractured her left ankle. So I spent most of the time keeping all the kids outside and distracted while we waited for the ambulance to come and take Grandma away. She was rushed into surgery right away. Fortunately they were able to fix everything, but she broke both bones completely so she has a very long road to recover, and we wish her lots of love and wishes to get better as fast a possible. After all that, we tried to get all the kids some food and clean up everything. Unfortunately we had to leave very early the next day for the airport, so we did not even get the see her.

Once we were home, and very happy to be there, we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Saturday. It was nice of my Mom to wait for us to come home to cook. She makes the most amazing Thanksgiving ever!!! We had a really nice dinner and then a few of us rushed off to go see Twilight!

Before all the drama, I was able to get this really sweet picture of the twins!

Friday, December 12, 2008

South Carolina

For Thanksgiving this year we took a trip to South Carolina to visit Josephs family. We were very excited to see everyone and have most of them meet the twins. I was very nervous to fly with everyone, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. Of course it wasnt perfect, there was some crying on the landings, but over all they did really well. We purchased three seats so we had one in the car seat and one on a lap, that way we could all sit in the same row. While we were there we stayed at my in laws house in Spartanburg. On Saturday we drove up to Orangeburg a few hours away to visit Josephs sister Gretchen and her family. We stayed over night and went to church to see the kids Primary program. That afternoon we spent the day at her beautiful home. They have lots of property, a pond, pond house, four wheelers, and fishing all in the back yard. It was a really fun day and got lots of fun pictures to share.

Ethan and Joseph doing some fishing together
Isn't this the most precious picture ever!
Margaret, Megan, Ethan and Bridget
Puppy love!

My nephew Jace My nephew Lane
My nephews Brett and Jacob
My mother in law Margaret and my niece Megan(she looks so much like Bridget) and Bridget
On the four wheeler