Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Bridget

Happy Birthday, My sweet Bridget!!! Bridget is a girl through and through. She is my technically my first born. She is smaller and has all the hair. Beautiful blonde hair with different color highlights all throughout it. She will soon have six teeth, she is getting the top four in all at once, poor baby. Born at 2 1/2 pounds this little angel has fought her way to the healthy little girl she is now. At almost 17 pounds now, she is still tiny but growing strong. She can crawl, I've seen her do it, but she still prefers the army crawl. She can pull herself to standing and walk along the edges of the furniture. Bridget is a thinker. She thinks about thing for a long time and then goes after them. She loves to play using her hands. She can now clap and wave bye, bye and she loves to take turns with mom passing her toys back and forth. She enjoys music and is always dancing by swaying side to side along with whatever tune is playing.

Bridget at Gymboree
She was so tired by the end of the day
playing with Ethan is a little car at the mall

She is finally getting a clue about the sippy cup but has the watch
Ethan to figure it out sometimes
Taking off at Gymboree

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Annie said...

Yay, Bridget! It's so fun seeing her grow up & start figuring things out on her own.