Saturday, October 11, 2008

1st birthday

So, I'm doing a little bit of catch -up, but here is the rest of the Birthday celebrations. That evening we went to Gymboree for playtime and then out to dinner at Red Robin, who we found to be very kid friendly. Later that night, Bridget and Ethan got to open their presents, lots of toys from Mom and Dad! They also got a special present from their secret twin friends. A message board that I belong to for women with twins born Sept/Oct 2007 decided to do a secret birthday exchange. We will get to reveal who we had after the last birthday. I can't wait to see who gave us these great presents!
On Sunday we got together with my family at my parents house to have a little party. We had cake and opened presents. They got toys, a church outfit for each, and new car seats!!! Yay! They also got clothes and a ball popper from their Grandparents in South Carolina. It was a great day and a great Birthday celebration.

Yay, secret twin gifts, my first purse and my first tool bag
also two books
Bridget is very excited to show off her little people

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