Thursday, October 28, 2010


Disneyland! I LOVE Disneyland. I know its crowded and a long day, but I love the feeling of being there. I love to watch peoples faces when they first get there and when they come out of a ride or show. I have been waiting till I can take my kids. I had been hesitant because Disneyland is a commitment. Its not far but traffic can make for a long trip and its expensive and could be horrible if moods are not right. Joseph had a conference in Anaheim and had to stay over night at a hotel. I saw this as a perfect chance to stay and be right there in the morning, took out traffic out. The kids were not quite three yet so they were still free, I was given a free pass so that took the price out. The next big thing was is I wanted to take two two year olds to Disneyland for the day, by myself. hmmmm.

Well I decided to go for it. And I am so happy we did. We had a wonderful day. It wasn't too crowded and the kids were such great listeners. We were able to do everything that we wanted ans so much more. We had such a great time that we got passes for the whole year form my parents for the kids birthday! Yay! Hope the next times, go as well as this trip.

Small World:
Buzz Lightyear -a hit for Ethan

We rode the tea cups three times!

My only complaint - can not have chains at all the rides, this is how Ethan waited for everything

But its worth it for that smile :)

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