Monday, May 19, 2008

Mothers Day

Mothers Day! This was my first mothers day and its was wonderful. Joseph made me french toast for breakfast took care of the babies while i had time to get ready for church. At church the men made food for the women and gave us all a rose and chocolate! Later we went to dinner at my parents and had a special Mothers Day dinner to celebrate my mother who is so amazing to me. Also earlier in the week Bridget and Ethan's child development therapist, Jade, made the beautiful hearts with each of their footprints for mothers day presents for me. My first homemade gift from the kids. I could not be happier and more blessed to be a mother. I hard journey and trial we made worth it the first moment that I held my children. I have never been happier and never been more fulfilled. My heart is so full. I have always been a happy and had a fulfilling life. When I met Joseph my heart grew even more and overflowed with love for him and the birth of my kids as grown it even more. My life has struggles that are day to day but over all it could m=not be more perfect.

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