Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun In My Crib

Last week Ethan discovered the joys of playing in is bed. It seemed like every time I wen tin to get him he was in a new position, or he was playing peek a boo with the bumper with Bridget, or learning to toss his Binky to the other side of the room. But two instances were the best. After nap time I go to get Ethan and this is the picture that I see:

A very smiley face boy with a completely dismantled mobile. He managed to pull himself up with the crib bumper and them grab one of the dinosaurs and then somehow snapped the bar holding it up high and then unhooked the main part and pull it down to him. Hmmm, not sure how it all worked but he did it and was very proud of himself, and the mobile was beyond repair.
Later that week I come it to see this:

As you can see, again a very happy boy, very proud of himself. He managed to sit up on his own! He had been practicing this trick for a while now in Physical therapy and has been soo close for so long and finally success! A few more day of practice and he is now a master sitter.

All in a good weeks work. Hey if they are not sleeping at least they are keeping themselves entertained.


Angel said...

Yay for Ethan! He is such a cutie!

Nicki said...

He is so cute in his crib. I love that silly smile

Rebecca Talley said...

Your kids are adorable. I can't even imagine having twins!