Monday, August 25, 2008

Highchair fun

Lately we have been changing our eating habits here. We are trying to move from four bottles to three and eat more solid baby food and then eat more finger foods. It is very exciting! Also i have found very exhausting. Making bottles, feeding jar food and making something for finger fun and practice. It seams like we are spending most of the day eating. Its a bit of a transition but Ethan and Bridget are loving it. Most of the time they look like I am giving them poison when we try new finger foods, but soon after they cant get enough. It is really fun to be able to watch them figure out there hands and how to chew. These we an example of nectarines, and they are the biggest hit so far!!!


Angel said...

My goodness, how big they are getting! Does your kitchen feel a bit crowded with two high chairs? I know mine would.

Jessica and Joseph Wilson said...

Thats my whole kitchen. On the other side of the trays is the fridge, lol. They only go in there if we are making a big mess that might stain the carpet. :)

Annie said...

Oh yes. I remember the days where I felt like I was in the kitchen ALL the time! It gets better when they've tried it all & you can just feed them what you eat!
Your kiddos have such great personalities! SO much fun!