Saturday, September 13, 2008

11 months

At the end of August, Bridget and Ethan turned 11 months! I can't believe it! Mostly because no one really says 11 months, they usually go with almost a year to explain this age. This has been such a light year time, I can't gt my mind around them being almost one. I think we have had a fun month. a trip to the beach, lots of swimming at Grandparents house, busy with therapy, and really hitting some milestones. Both babies are pulling themselves up to standing, and moving across the couch. They are eating more solids and working on those finger foods. Bridget had her two middle bottom teeth in and is getting the two top canine teeth. She will be chewing in no time at all. Ethan is getting one of his bottom front teeth! He is no longer toothless McGee, which I like to call him. They are both moving all over the house and getting into everything, Its great!!! I can't wait to see what they are going to do next.! They love to go outside our house and play in the little park in the evenings, here are a few pics we were able to take.


Annie said...

They're so CUTE! In the 2nd picture, Bridget looks all maternal like she's saying, "Ethan, how'd you get those pureed carrots all the way back here? Let me get those for you..."

Jennifer said...

I absolutely love the new pictures!
It is so hard to believe that their one year birthday is right around the corner..... :)