Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey Mom

Hey Mom! Look at me I can stand now too! I love it! I can also walk across all the furniture and I love to try to block Ethan from where ever he is going. Aren't I so cute!

Hey Mom, I'm cute too take my picture!!!!
On another note, this is the new way Bridget has started sleeping. She now cuddles her dolly! That is the cutest little girl thing ever.

Soon It will be their birthday, I can't believe it. A few thing going on here. Bridget and Ethan were very sick with a terrible cold last week, it was very scary for me. With them being Preemies its a little more serious sometimes with breathing issues. But, they are finally feeling better. We also started going to Gymboree this month. (which I'm sure is how they got sick :) ) but other that that, we love it! They are all over the place crawling up ramps and stairs and down slides, dancing to music, and even parachute time. Its really great to see them exploring and interacting with other kids. They are in a 10-16 month class so they are a little behind and look younger than any of the other kids, but the teacher does a great job of really making it relaxed and do everything in your own time. Its great, really a highlight of our week!

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Annie said...

Yay! A truly wonderful age. It's so fun to see them cruising around, but great that they can't walk/run off with you chasing after...yet. (Insert ominous Jaws theme music here).
Sorry they were sick! That is scary & no fun! Fun gymnastics alllllmost make it worth it though!