Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 4th

We had a fun 4th of July. The morning was relaxing and the afternoon was filled with fun. We went to the Beckstroms for a barbecue and swimming. There was so much eating and swimming the everyone was exhausted. The only bummer about this year was the the fireworks were not being held at the park near my parents house. Joseph really wanted to see fireworks do we decided to go down to the mall and watch them there. We parked a few blocks away at my sisters house and planed to walk down. As we were walking we saw people with chair on the bridge above the street right by my sisters house. We went over there and decided it was a lot easier and faster to watch them from there. It was a little farther away but was nice because it wasn't so loud fort he kids. Bridget and Ethan said a lot of wows, which was good enough for me. We got home so late and boy were they tired.

Waiting for fireworks

This was the only pic I could get of thier fourth of July outfits. You get the picture right?

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