Sunday, August 9, 2009


On July 16Th Joseph turned 38! And how did we celebrate? We went to Disneyland! Josephs mother and nephew came to visit us for a few days and there first day here was Josephs birthday. We previously had two tickets someone had given us as a gift and Joseph got to go for free and the kids were free so all six of us got to go for the price of one ticket. I think a pretty good deal for sure. We had a great day. Joseph really wanted to see the fireworks and night and I was worried that the kids wouldn't make it that long so we compromised and left home later. WE didn't get into the parks until about 1:30 so we had to move fast to see all that we wanted. It was a special trip because it was my nephew Brett's first time to Disneyland. So the goal was to see as much as we could.
Overall it was a fun time. Bridget and Ethan did really well. We did not get to do much kids things unfortunately but they still had a good time. The liked Buzz light year, and Pirates of the Caribbean a lot. Ethan did not like the Jungle book ride at all, he wanted to be all done from the very beginning. The favorite was the parade, the danced and clapped, and had so much fun. It was a long day. I think it was almost 11pm by the time we made it to Its a Small World. Ethan fell asleep, but Bridget loves all the "babies" that were singing and dancing. She danced the whole ride with a huge smile on her face. That made the whole day for me.

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Bananie said...

Yay! Happy way belated birthday to Joseph!
I'm so glad you all had fun at Disneyland! I'm going in 43 days. The countdown has begun. I may have to bum some toddler tips off ya'!