Saturday, April 5, 2008

6 Months!!!

On March 26 Bridget and Ethan turned 6 months! This is mind boggling to me. This has been the fastest time in my life and by far the best. They are getting bigger and stronger everyday. I love to sit and watch as they explore new and wonderful things. Yesterday was the six month Dr. visit. Everything looked great. Here are a few stats:

weight - 14.6lbs (he is now on the chart in between 3-5%!!!)
height - 24in (2 feet!!!)
head - 42.5 cm (25%! I love my big head boy)

Ethan loves his Mom and Dad he just lights up when either of us are around and when we are both there sometimes he just can't stand it, the smile takes over his whole face. He has become quite ticklish these last few weeks and has the best baby laugh. He loves to kick and wiggles his arms as fast as he can. He loves to be in his swing, bouncy seat or the jumparoo, for Ethan as long as he is moving he is happy. He does not like to sit still or sit with anyone who is still. Moving. moving, moving always moving, that makes him soo happy. He is very emotional, when hes happy he is very happy and when he is mad he is very mad. Ethan loves to go outside on walks where he can see everything and has taken a new fascination to swings at the park. He is not a cuddlier but loves to be held and be near anyone. He loves to go to his Grandma and Grandpas house and play. And of course he loves to eat. Ethan can roll over from his tummy to his back and is trying to learn the other way but cant quite get it (which makes him very mad). He can turn is body in almost a whole circle when lying on his back and his tummy. He loves to make sounds and babbles and blows raspberries all the time, he is rarely not making any sounds. He is a great sleeper (YAY!) and loves when its bed time, he is all smiles going into the crib. And last but not least he loves to have his clothes changed if I did it all the time he would be happy, I think its a fun time for just him to be touched and tickled and played with.

weight: 11.6lbs (my tiny baby)
height: 23in
head: 41 cm (5-10%! her first taste of the chart)

Bridget loves her mom and dad. She loves all people. She loves to really focus on what anyone is saying and responds back with her tiny little huh sound. Though this weeks she has learned the guh sound and is having a blast with it. Every time she makes it she laughs at her own voice. She has a big beautiful blue eyes and smiles with her whole body and has dimples on both sides. Bridget loves to cuddle! Anyone who will cuddle her for long periods of time is her favorite person. She loves to lay on her Uncle Brian's chest while he watches Spongebob. She loves to be in her swing, and the jumparoo for short periods, and sometimes bouncy seat. She likes to be on her tummy and can roll from her tummy to her back. She also can roll from her back to her side but then hangs out there. She always likes to wither hold her own hands together or put them in her mouth. She doesn't like binkys at all and kind of looks like maggie simpson with one in her mouth. She loves to sing songs with mom and cracks up every time she does head shoulders knees and toes. She is usually the quite one but it is her job to wake us up in the morning with her calls.


Angel said...

Happy six month birthday little ones! How fast you have grown! They are so cute and I look forward to watching them grow up and develop their own personalities.

Annie said...

Isn't it just the best?! Have fun with those cute yet individual little personalities!