Monday, April 21, 2008


At our last Dr.'s visit we got the okay to start solids. I know that this was the right time to take on this adventure. A few months ago I wanted to cry at the thought of starting solids and feeding bottles and on and on. But lately I have been excited to try something new. I also have been excited to try to make baby food. I have never really enjoyed cooking that much but for some reason this intrigued me. I think because it is not very hard to do but seems like it should be hard do I take pride in being able to do it. I found a great wed site that has taught me everything that I need to know. I have first started with cereal and have rice and oatmeal. Ethan likes rice and Bridget likes oatmeal and I have learned that will be the story of my life. Sometimes I forget that they are two different people and will like and dislike many different things. We have moved on to sweet potatoes, pears and bananas so far and I have apples and butternut squash ready to try. They do really well with the spoon most of the time. They are not eating too much yet but that will come in time.

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Annie said...

Oh, solids are so exciting! I was glad but a little petrified. I checked out some library books that sure helped out. out...the diapers start changing a bit. P.U.!