Monday, April 21, 2008

Look mommy no head!

Today I went to get Bridget and Ethan up from their naps. I check on both, pick up Ethan change his diaper and set him down in the living room and go back to get Bridget when i see this:

She is just wiggling and giggling away with no head. It a very light bumper and she was OK but I ran up to it and made sure she was OK, and she is smiling at me. I then had to take a picture.
You see Bridget is sometimes a Houdini in her bed. When she first came home from the hospital I would swaddle her and put her to bed. When I would go in to get her she usually was unswaddled and her pants were usually off and lying next to her. This from a 4 1/2 pound baby! Lately she is on her back and herself in circles. Every time I go intheir she is in a different position. This morning she was completely on her tummy! That one is a first! And of course now the no head pose. :) (I have now fixed the bummers where this is now not possible)


SoDonia said...

LOL!! This is TOO funny!! Jason does this too! I find him every morning with his face smooshed against the bumper and he's just playing away. She's so beautiful Jessica!

Annie said...

Ha! That's hilarious! Those kids do the funniest things in their cribs. I guess when you spend so much time in one have to get creative! : D
I had fun making funny faces at her at choir practice Sunday morning. Ethan couldn't see me from his car seat, but she kind of smiled & looked at me like, "You are so weird, lady."