Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Avila Beach, July 11-13

A few weekends ago we were blessed with a great opportunity, A family weekend vacation!!! Our friends the Ostergards have a time share at Avila beach, CA near San Louis Obispo. They always go for a week every year had talk about the fun times that they have. Well this year they had there reservation to start on Friday but were not able to go up there until Sunday evening. So LUCKY us! We are offered the weekend to go up and stay! We were so excited, neither Joseph or I have been up in the area since we were little. We packed up the kids and took off. It was abt. a three and a half hour drive, and I have to say that the babies were amazing. They were quite and slept for a good portion of the time, but even when they were not sleeping they played quietly in there car seat. How lucky are we? We made it most of the way until we were abt. 45 min away, when its all went down. They decided they were STARVING and could not wait a min longer. We decided to stop in a parking lot and get out the bottles. A few minutes later and we were on the road.
We weekend was a blast. Saturday we drove up north a little a went to Hearst Castle. We did not get farther that the visitor center but it was still a fun adventure and a great break to walk around. The tour did not allow strollers and we felt it was too long to to carry them around. So we jumped back in the car drove down the coast and went to the little town of Cambria. We walked around enjoyed the cooler weather and stopped in a few little shops. That evening we went into San Louis Obispo and ate dinner at Pizza Solo (thanks Kerri and Vera for the suggestion) and walked around the shops. Sunday we got up, went to the beach and stroller along the boardwalk. We ate snow cones and cotton candy and enjoyed the summer day. Then it was back to the grind and we drove the ride home. It was a great weekend, and the first time we had gone away with the babies just us. Thanks Kerry, we owe you!!!
Joseph and Bridget having some father/daughter time

Joseph in front of his fasinating rock mound at Morro Bay

Avila Beach (view from the room)

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