Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Brithday Joseph!

Bridget is very excited about guitar hero

July 16, 1971 Joseph Daniel Wilson was born in Lancaster, California! Lucky me!! I am so happy to celebrate this birthday with Joseph this year. Every year I grow to love him more and more. i am blessed to be able to spend my life with him. He is an amazing husband and this is the first year I can say is is am amazing father!! For the birthday celebrations my mom was nice to watch the babies and we went out to have some Sushi. Joseph loves sushi! He then got the long awaited present Guitar Hero 3, but not with just one guitar, no, two, so we could rock out together. Its been tons of fun hanging out and rocking away. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH!!!!!!!! We love you!

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Angel said...

Happy Birthday Joseph! I absolutely love Guitar Hero. I soooo wish we had it for our Wii. However, we made a "no T ratings" rule for the kids, and so Guitar Hero falls into that category. I have considered buying it and only playing it after they are asleep, but then I would have guilt. *sigh*